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Actividad de Ingles

Hi, my name is Leonardo Díaz but you can call me Leo. I'm from Maracaibo originally, I'm 20 years old and i study Administration at Urbe, I live in Maracaibo in Av. 4 Bella Vista

I love Music, playing soccer, studying

I hate Violence

My dream is to visit the United State, I want to graduate from Administration, I'd love to work an important company and buy a house

My opinion about English, I love to learn new lenguages. I listen to music and watch TV in English


This activity is about what my two classmates and I look like describing the appearance of each just as the complexion, the colour of eyes and hair and the clothes we’re wearing.

Yuliany: She studies Human Resources at Urbe. She’s thin and medium height. She has dark skin, brown eyes, and long curly black hair whit red highlights. She’s wearing a black blouse.

José: He studies Accounting at Urbe. He’s fairly fat and pretty tall. He has light brown eyes, dark skin, and short black hair whit spikes. He’s wearing a yellow t-shirt

Leonardo: I study Admistration at Urbe. I’m thin and tall. I have light brown eyes, pretty dark skin, and short black hair whit spikes. I’m wearing a blue whit white and red lines t-shirt


This paragraph is related to what I’ve done what I haven’t done. Done I wrote about the places where I have been to and the ones I haven’t been to.

I have been to Merida, but I have never been to Caracas. I went to Coro last year and I love it a lot! I’d like to travel to the United States. I want to see the interesting things there. I have tried some exotic foods like sushi and didn’t like it!